Episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting Podcast

In Episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting podcast: a conversation with Tom Klein and Becky Fitzgerald regarding what are attributes of effective measures. https://twoharborsconsultingpodcast.buzzsprout.com/976369/3401857-2hc-ep-3-attributes-of-an-effective-measure Take a look at the list of possible attributes, some of which were discussed in the podcast at:  https://twoharborsconsulting.com/2020/04/what-are-some-of-the-possible-attributes-of-an-effective-measure/ Are you enjoying this podcast?  If so, please share it with a colleague!  We’d love to have more people engage with us in these conversations.  And we always want your feedback […]

What are some of the possible attributes of an effective measure?

In episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting podcast, we discussed attributes of measurement. Measurements have attributes – some simple, and some perhaps a bit more complicated.   A complete set of measurement attributes for an organization provide a clear, concise, detailed definition of a measure and the process used to collect it.  They preserve the unambiguous meaning of the metric, and increase: Data quality Understanding and use of measurements Availability of useful historical information Ability to […]