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Every business has a unique set of circumstances and needs. Two Harbors Consulting, through our combined expertise, delivers process and performance improvements tailored to these needs. Our solutions are based on industry frameworks but applied with flexibility and a genuine desire to facilitate success. Experience, Integrity, Creativity.


Our approach is designed with this goal in mind – to foster true improvement based on a real understanding of your current state so that the journey to your desired state is better informed and less likely to run into unforeseen obstacles.

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Device and Drug Regulatory Services

We provide consulting services for medical device and drug regulations, including independent quality and compliance audits, supplier audits, and regulatory response consulting services.

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Program Development

We develop and deploy programs - from the definition and roll out of the Case for Quality Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program to a tailored Agile transformation for your team.  Need help in developing and/or implementing a program or idea?  We can help.

Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model

We assess and coach organizations using a comprehensive reference model for evaluating data management maturity. The DMM drew from the collective knowledge of 50+ industry experts to provide a unique reference model for evaluating and improving data management capabilities.

Other Consulting

We partner with your organization to drive measurable performance improvement with a focus on your needs.  We accomplish this with a mix of our innovative approach and proven industry tools and frameworks.

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Our works spans a diverse range of services from regulatory audits to value steam mapping.

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