Two Harbors Consulting Podcast Episode 14 – revisiting size

Becky Fitzgerald, Tom Klein and George Zack got together on the Two Harbors Consulting podcast to revisit the concept of size in estimation of work and some ideas on how to approach it as an opportunity to improve. 2HC episode 2 (where we originally discussed estimation and size): The CMMI Model At A Glance: Let us know what you think. What questions, challenges or success stories do you have regarding estimation? What other process improvement or regulatory […]

Episode 12 of the Two Harbors Consulting Podcast “You had an appraisal, now what?”

Next Two Harbors Consulting podcast is up – “You had an appraisal (or an audit) – now what?” George is joined by Becky and Tom to discuss what happens after an organization has had an appraisal.    Now that you have results, what do should you do with those to get the most value of them? Are you enjoying this podcast?  If so, please share it with a colleague!  We’d love to have more people […]

What are some of the possible attributes of an effective measure?

In episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting podcast, we discussed attributes of measurement. Measurements have attributes – some simple, and some perhaps a bit more complicated.   A complete set of measurement attributes for an organization provide a clear, concise, detailed definition of a measure and the process used to collect it.  They preserve the unambiguous meaning of the metric, and increase: Data quality Understanding and use of measurements Availability of useful historical information Ability to […]