MDDAP looks to develop variation for “struggling sites”

“That’s why the FDA is collaborating with the MDIC and Pittsburgh, PA-based CMMI Institute to develop a variation of the VIP program for struggling sites” — read more in the latest Medtech Insight article about the collaboration between FDA CDRH, the CMMI Institute, MDIC, Medical device manufacturers and appraisers in the Case for Quality Voluntary Improvement Program.


We missed the MDIC Annual Public Forum this week as we were on a Case For Quality Medical Device Discovery Appraisal – but it was wonderful to see the updates from partners in industry, at the CMMI Institute, the FDA, and MDIC regarding the progress of this innovative and collaborative program that is changing the landscape from a culture of compliance to one of Quality and compliance. Proud to be a part of this effort! […]

Latest MDICx webinar

Latest @MDIConline webinar on the @caseforquality Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program @mddap webinar. Great feedback on use of the @CMMI_Institute framework for a multisite appraisal in this @FDADeviceInfo program. Let us know of any questions:

The “origin story” of the Case For Quality Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program

Catch the “origin story” of the Case For Quality Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program in this Greenlight Guru “True Quality Stories” podcast interview with Becky Fitzgerald.   Let us know if you have any questions or interest in this collaborative program between FDA, Industry, MDIC and the CMMI Institute.

Latest Case for Quality Forum recordings

The latest MDIC June 20 Case for Quality Forum –  Slides and recordings from the event are now available:​june-20-2019-case-for-quality-forum/.  Specifically the video recording of the update on this program is at:  ​​.  Francisco Vicenty from CDRH also does an update specifically from the CDRH perspective at:  ​​

The latest MDICx webinar on MDDAP

Slides and recording from the most recent MDICx webinar are up: Let us know if you are interested or have questions on the program or how you and your organization can be involved. @CMMI_Institute @MDIConline @MddaProgram @FDAcdrhIndustry