Episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting Podcast

In Episode 3 of the Two Harbors Consulting podcast: a conversation with Tom Klein and Becky Fitzgerald regarding what are attributes of effective measures. https://twoharborsconsultingpodcast.buzzsprout.com/976369/3401857-2hc-ep-3-attributes-of-an-effective-measure Take a look at the list of possible attributes, some of which were discussed in the podcast at:  https://twoharborsconsulting.com/2020/04/what-are-some-of-the-possible-attributes-of-an-effective-measure/ Are you enjoying this podcast?  If so, please share it with a colleague!  We’d love to have more people engage with us in these conversations.  And we always want your feedback […]

Two Harbors Consulting Podcast Episode 2: what is this estimation thing anyway?

https://twoharborsconsultingpodcast.buzzsprout.com/976369/3325870-2hc-ep-2-what-is-this-estimation-thing-anyway Two Harbors Consulting CMMI Lead Appraisers Becky Fitzgerald and Tom Klein join George Zack to discuss estimation.  What is it?  What are the attributes of it?  Where do organizations struggle with it and what is recommended to address that?  Are there places where estimation is not necessary? Let us know what you think.  What questions, challenges or success stories do you have regarding estimation?  What other process improvement or regulatory topics you’d like to […]

Two Harbors Consulting Podcast Episode 1

Two Harbors Consulting has entered the podcasting world with its first ever episode.  Give it a listen as CMMI lead appraisers Becky Fitzgerald and Tom Klein join their partner at Two Harbors, George Zack discuss how requirements for manufacturing firms should be considered more broadly than just the product requirements. Please let us know what you what you want to hear us discuss and any feedback on the “pod.” https://www.buzzsprout.com/976369/episodes/3200533-2hc-ep-1-considering-requirements-beyond-the-product