Getting your personal development managed from what you learn at work.

Authored by George Zack, President Two Harbors Consulting As we have set for the question, “can the frameworks you utilize for business process improvement be leveraged for your personal life,” we will now start to explore that in detail.  In this series of posts, I will work through each of the elements of a what the Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) considers a managed or defined process.  The goal of this series is to provoke thought […]

Can your process framework for business work for your personal life?

Written by George Zack, President Two Harbors Consulting My primary work is in process improvement and regulatory affairs.  In working with organizations and businesses, my team leverages industry standard frameworks and regulations to guide organizations to better results and compliance.  It works in business, but colleagues of mine and I have wondered about the applicability of  basic tenants of these frameworks, like CMMI, to disciplines outside of the work environment.  In other words, while we […]

Why does everyone hate consultants?

Written by Jim Shaver, President Two Harbors Consulting. True story – a friend of mine was considering getting out of the corporate rat race and starting up his own management consulting company. Upon informing his parents of this decision, his dad asked in all seriousness, “you won’t have to do anything illegal or unethical will you?” What? This sort of distrust of consultants – and management consultants in particular – seems almost instinctual, like cats […]

Two Harbors Consulting: here to help your team today

The Two Harbors Consulting Team holds over 50 years combined experience in process and performance improvement, and organizational change management and nearly 100 years of combined experience in software development and services delivery.  Two Harbors Consulting staff are certified to perform CMMI for Development, Services, and High Maturity appraisals. Our staff also include an Enterprise Data Management Expert and a Data Management Maturity Lead Appraiser Candidate.  Additionally, our staff are certified to perform regulatory audits, engage as SAFe (Scaled […]

How can we help you?

Two Harbors Consulting was formed in April 2016.  Becky Fitzgerald, Tom Klein, Jim Shaver, and George Zack have over 50 years of experience in software development, process improvement, regulatory and quality compliance and improvement, and management consulting. Becky, Tom, Jim and George bring experience, integrity and creativity  based  on industry standards and frameworks to your team to identify improvements tailored to your unique business needs. Visit our services catalog or contact us today to discuss how […]